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Smart Planet Media is a leading organizer of B2B exhibitions and conferences and a publisher of thought-provoking magazines that truly support the industries that they serve.

Led by a determined group of four like-minded industry leaders with 70+ years of event development and publishing experience under their belts, Smart Planet Media specializes in accelerating business for companies and individuals involved in industry sectors that are delivering real innovation, and have the potential to deliver positive change to the ways in which we will live our future lives.

Boutique style events, supported by high-level content and publications combine to provide a unique long-term platform for those involved to network, learn, do business, and collaborate to drive fundamental change all around them. Established companies, start-ups, disruptors and innovators are all involved. And that is what makes SPM products so exciting to be a part of.


Growing populations, rising life expectancy and changes in lifestyle are leaving a healthcare burden for governments in the Gulf region, they have an urgent need to find smart approaches to tackle the medical needs of their populations.

PrecisionMed Expo provides a vital opportunity to drive the growth of precision medicine by providing a platform for collaboration, debate, and a space to showcase the best healthcare solutions to healthcare providers, research community, industry and government.

Our ground-breaking Gulf Health Innovation investment forum is scheduled for May 2022 in Dubai.

We help hot-bed innovations to interact with a high concentration of capital. The two-day think tank, identified as an important driver in the region’s burgeoning healthcare industry, will move beyond the existing medical ecosystem in search of new frontiers.

Located in Dubai, the gateway to the MENA region with its sophisticated business and investment infrastructure, the event will capitalise on the convergence of European, Middle Eastern and Far Eastern activities.

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